Acne is so common that millions of people suffer from it all over the world. It knows no gender, race or demographic location. Though most people think that acne is a teenage problem, some individuals well into their adulthood still experience some form of acne. If you want to treat this condition you need to know the basics of acne and its treatment. Find the common acne questions below and their answers.

What is the cause of acne?

There has been a lot of debate with the real cause of acne. Some studies think that it is because of your genes. Other people argue that it is due to your diet. Some are firm that acne is a hormonal condition. These theories might be right but for now, we have to settle for the unknown.

The sole cause of acne is unknown but there are certain factors that can cause the formation of acne. One of these factors is your diet. Certain food items can trigger breakouts. Another known factor that can trigger the formation of acne is the production of oil in your sebaceous glands. When too much oil is produced, these oils get stuck inside your pores causing it to swell and making it more prone to breakouts.

Why do I get acne even if I wash my face often?

Proper skin care is a must when getting rid of acne. It is one of the essential things that you need to do to get rid of the dirt and grime that stick to the surface of your skin after a long day. However, washing too often will not make your acne go away faster. As a matter of fact, it is strongly advised that you do not wash your face often. You only need to do it twice a day. This is primarily because you want to keep your lipid barrier intact. Though you would want to get rid of the oil from your face, washing too often can strip off the natural oils essential for skin protection. This will then trigger a rebound effect where your oil glands produce more oil to restore the function of your lipid barrier.

Can stress trigger acne?

Yes. Stress can cause hormonal levels to shift thereby causing physiological effects allover your body. This may not be apparent but your organs suffer when you experience prolonged stress. To avoid stress, formulate some relaxation techniques.